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Prior to Arrival

45 days prior (or sooner) – 

  • Schedule 1st available faculty orientation.
  • Get all HR  documents sent to the new faculty.  They need to fill out and sign them and send them to HR.  Can be signed scanned and sent electronically  EXCEPT the I-9 form must be also physically mailed to HR

420 Oak Street­
Prakken 150
Big Rapids MI 49307

Will need to confirm with HR that they have the documents  and get them to create the Banner Account prior to arrival. 

Make sure a work order is sent to TAC AFTER  the Banner Account is created , then various electronic accounts get automatically created over 1-2 days.

Day 1

Arrange for 25 Michigan Parking pass

Must go to Big Rapids Campus

  • Take social security card and driver’s license
  • Get Parking Pass from Public Safety office
  • Get employee ID
  • Meet with Benefits Officer (Mandi Sterli) to get insurance (make prior appt)
  • Make sure all HR paper work is rolling.
  • Give copy of Rank and Promotion, Tenure policy and union contract to employee.
  • Campus / College tour

Day 2

Meeting with Chair

Teaching requirements / schedule etc. 

Tenure Requirements (chair perspective)

Rank and Promotion (chair perspective)  

Time Clock Plus

Concur for expense  /   what is covered  /  FOAP for moving expense is G37003

Digital Measures  (BRIEF intro)

Overview of  Committees   

Shadowing faculty  discussion

Professional Development  /  Incentive Programs    

Benefits  / Insurance / etc

University  / college / Department Mission /Vision

Day 3 and Beyond

Meeting /Shadowing with Related  Faculty

Director of Compliance (Tiesha Shankin)

Paperwork perfection

Course Coordinator of Doctoral Project (Curtis Smith or surrogate) 

Doctoral project overview

Requirements for mentor / presentation

Director of Experiential Education (Cambria DeHoag)

 APPE students




Institution Orientation for Practice Faculty


Assistant Dean of Faculty Development of Research (Tom Dowling)

  • Scholarship
    • Resources

New Faculty Orientation in Big Rapids  (perhaps a truncated version)