Stories from Hungary, Czech and Slovakia

Last Day in Budapest

Note: this is a delayed post. Because I was staying in Hungary for 3 more weeks, I had to drop off laundry yesterday and pick it up today. The un-glamorous side of tourism. Next we were off for a short…

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Budapest On Our Own

NO PLANS IN BUDAPEST Despite all our best efforts , we still fill our days too full.  We did manage to sleep in and have another relaxed breakfast complete with fresh baked pastries.  We started our day with a depressing…

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castle hill budapest

Budapest – A Walking Tour

Budapest in the Morning It is a bit amazing how places seem a bit dull and disappointing when you arrive after a day of travelling…. and that same place looks interesting and inviting the next morning !! There is a…

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gerloczy cafe

Trencin to Budapest

A night in Slovakia Well sleep was a little spotty. We had air conditioning but the duvets were some sort of synthetic that was perfect at provoking sweat. Then there were the drunks going by yelling on the street on…

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From Czech To Slovakia

Been Drivin’ all Day, My Hand’s Wet on the Wheel Up and out the door we are off to Slovakia today.   John had the great idea of winding through Slovakia on the way back to Budapest.  Sometimes it seemed…

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prague museum of communism

Prague on our own

Communism Revisited We slept in this morning and then hiked off (more slowly today) to the Communism Museum. This was a museum dedicated to telling the sad story of Communism’s takeover of Czechoslovakia, followed by the Velvet Revolution and final…

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Prague Walking Tour Continued

Charles Bridge Our guide Jan was waiting again with his tireless enthusiasm to lead us off to 4 more hours of hiking and an unending recital of dates and history to boggle our uneducated American minds. We started with the…

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streets of Prague

Prague Walking Tour

Prague Once we got to Prague, e found our hotel without incident. It is a actually a very large house across from the US embassy. It is called Dum u Velke Boty (the House of the Boot). The placid young…

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Off to Hungary – Day One

Budapest Budaest here we come. After the redeye from Chicago, we had 5 hours to veg in Munich airports utilitarian modern decor. The stiff atmosphere was softened by Lufthansa’s free expresso machines for all passengers. Finally arriving in Budapest, we…

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