Day Seven- Jameson


We started the day with a full Irish Breakfast. I will take the time to describe what that means in the next post.
Our B and B was only 15 Kilometers from the Jameson distillery. We got to the distillery by ten in the morning and took the tour. We volunteered enthusiastically for the tasting demonstration and were soon comparing Johnny Walker black (scotch), Jameson (Irish Whiskey) and Jack Daniels (bourbon) at 11 oclock in the morning. But hey, It was afternoon in France and mid afternoon in Germany.

John and Aaron at the Distillery

Everyone was amused that my name was John Jameson, but it did not afford me any privileges at all !!   Shocking really. We did buy an incredible amount of Jameson paraphernalia. It is very difficult to resist when everything is personally mongrammed with your name on it.
Sorry, Blarney fans, but we blew off the Blarney Castle and the Blarney stone. I was easily ready to skip it due to the tourist hype. Aaron was just tired of paying entrance fees.

We headed straight to Kenmare to the bed and breakfast we had arranged by phone the day before. It is called Ard Na Lara and is run by a wonderful chatty German lady named Edel. She was the bossy, motherly, opinionated, caring, classic German matron.

Great dinner !! Coconut curry chicken for Linda and Shannon, Nice pasta with tomato cream sauce for Aaron and Monkfish for me that was encrusted with ginger and something else with Thai dipping sauce. Sorry, didn’t get the name of the restuarant.

I insisted after dinner that we head out to a place 3 or 4 miles out that was supposed to be more of a locals pub called Pat Spillanes. There was some serious group resistance Then there was a 5 mile construction detour. Then the place was not even open. Grumpiness is probably the nicest word I could use. We ended up back in town at a pub with amplified live music . In keeping the tone of the evening….. it wasn’t great.

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