Day One – Escaping the U.S.

Day One

Only a couple hours into our trip we are already having cultural experiences.  I experienced classic 5 way chili , Cincinatti style on short stopover.    Unique ground beef chili, with difference seasonings including a prominent taste of cinnamon.  This chili is served over spaghetti, and topped with onions, beans and cheese.  I ordered it light on cheese, so it was only a small mountain.  Good Stuff!

I stuck a $1 bill into a massage chair to get the second cultural experience.  Best dollar I ever spent!!

On to JFK airport in NYC.  As you would expect.  Great people watching.   Ate dinner here.   Bill was just under $1000. Linda cliams some of you might not know that was sort of a joke.  Oh hey, the next table over was taken by “Big Mike” from American Idol.  And before you ask.  No.  We didn’t.

Off on the red eye to Dublin at 10:30PM, delayed until 11:30.   End of day one.  Kinda still seems like day zero.

You can see route we took once we got to Dublin on the map below.  We followed the typical clockwise tourist loop, but there is a good reason so many people take this route.  We did bed and breakfasts the whole way, except for the night in Kilronan Castle.

ireland tour map

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