From Czech To Slovakia

Been Drivin’ all Day, My Hand’s Wet on the Wheel

Up and out the door we are off to Slovakia today.   John had the great idea of winding through Slovakia on the way back to Budapest.  Sometimes it seemed like a good idea, and sometimes…..not.


Nice Picture / Never got up there

Escape from Tourist Land

The drive from Prague is pretty dull. big expanses of wheat and con on rolling hills.  Near the border it gave way to hills and woods.   We finally reached our first destination:  Trencin, a moderately large town on the edge of Slovakia around 5 PM.   There is a fabulous castle high above the town, but we were too late for a tour. Our slow progress was due in part to stopping at a designer clothing store in a small town and finally getting Linda a birthday present a couple of days late.

In an attempt to be spontaneous, we didn’t have accommodations arranged, so we scouted some pensions  (small hotels) and settled on Artur’s Penzion.


We knew we had successfully escaped when the cheerful young woman, (our inn keeper) spoke about 2 words of English.  The room had seen better days, but not for a long time.  Linda voiced significant misgivings, but the cheap price and lack of energy to look further prevailed.

Dinner was traditional potato pancakes stuffed with spicy meat.   All in all , pretty good.

Despite being very tired we did watch Germany score the first 5 goals against Brazil  before crashing.   (The first TV we have watched since home) before crashing.  It is did not start until 10 PM European time.



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