Trencin to Budapest

A night in Slovakia

Well sleep was a little spotty. We had air conditioning but the duvets were some sort of synthetic that was perfect at provoking sweat. Then there were the drunks going by yelling on the street on two occasions in the middle of the night.

On the bright side, the bedbug bites that Linda was predicting never materialized. We found a German bakery for breakfast and paid big bucks for a latte before launching south in quest of Budapest. No that was NOT a rhyme because it is pronounced “Boo da pesht”

Lunch on the back roads was assisted by a menu in English, but not exactly accurate English. I ordered a drink by picking a Slavic name at random and it turned out to be ginger ale. Good guess. Linda ordered something from the “without meat”section it was called ” pasta and cottage cheese” not sure why she ordered that, but it turned out to be macaroni and cheese with something like pork cracklings on top. Wherever it was it was certainly not “without meat”. Good news is, Linda’s not a vegetarian and it tasted great.

The GPS took us down some dubious tiny roads over the mountains, but as we were basically headed south and the villages were interesting we just let it lead us. We beat rush hour in Budapest and found the Gerloczy Cafe with rooms for rent (we had booked ahead) without a problem, however the front desk girl had a panicked look on her face and told us to move our car immediately or it would get a ticket and a huge fine. Her directions to parking were …. worthless. But by some miracle and one questionable U turn, we found the parking garage. Our room is great except for anemic air conditioning. We we were off exploring out neighborhood. Quick, unremarkable supper and dozed until the World Cup started at 10 PM. Watched the first half and gave up to the need for sleep. We were not surprised to learn Argentina had succeeded in making it to the final.

Here is the cafe:

gerloczy cafe

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