Mexico 2016

Our Mexico trip got off to a rocky start this year.   We had a very early flight that somehow managed to sit on the tarmack for an hour prior to takeoff.  So despite, making up time, and sprinting around the Dallas airport, we missed the flight by 5 minutes.  But, despite dire predictions by the airline personnel, we managed to get 4 of the five of us on the next plane by flying standby.    This left poor Mike, standing forlornly in Dallas hoping not to spend the night. grand Mayan los cabos pools

Then things started getting better.  When we got to San Jose del Cabo airport, after enduring the snaking immigration line, our luggage was all there waiting.  And….. we got a text from Mike that he was on the plane in Dallas ready to take off.

We are staying at the Grand Mayan Los Cabos and the rest of the story will be reported on our funsunmexico blog.  You can see the most recent posts right on the main page of

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