Tel Aviv to Tiberias

October 02, 2018


Tel Aviv Breakfast

The day started with a spectacular Iraeli breakfast. Which consist of multiple courses of Meat, cheeses, fruits,vegetables yogurt and an amazing array of condiments.   All this topped with a custom order omelette.  Much to our relief they had in a variety of copies including your basic espresso an Americano. I think I’m gonna love this country. 


 After several attempts at packing  six people and six suitcases intoa midsize SUV, we finally crammed in and headed up the CaesareaMediterranean coast. The first stop was the ancient city of Caesarea. This was the largest port and the capital of the area back in the days of Herod the great who built an inner and outer port., a palace a hippodrome and a city.  It was destroyed by an  earthquake and a tsunami in 300 A.D. It has been used  by the Romans,  followed by the Arab empire, Byzantine Empire, followed by the Arabs part two,  followed by ,  much later the Crusaders and then finally the archaeologists Still are digging literally today. but it’ll never have the glory of the first century 

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