Last Day in Paradise – Snorkeling with Sharks

  • Transportation on Moorea

Before I go get into the story of our last day, I need to give special kudos to Tetua Holozet who provided all our transportation on Moorea and even called to a friend on Tahiti , so we had transport waiting there.  He is significantly cheaper than a taxi and he speaks impeccable English and was happy to share his knowledge of the islands , the politics etc.   His email is [email protected]  and his company is called Top Tour.   His cell phone is:  31 03 64  with the French Polynesia prefix of +689

A Small Risk

It was a bit of a risk.  We had to leave for the ferry at 2 PM.  The ray encounter / swimming with sharks mooreasnorkel trip sounded like a typical touristy trip, so it might turn out to be dull.    Linda didn’t want to have to snorkel and then travel  and her mask has been leaking.  But as I always say, life without risk is not living. As it turned out:

  • They promised to bring us back in time
  • We got Linda’s swim mask to quit leaking.
  • The hotel agreed to give us a place to shower after we came back(turned out to be the workout facility)
  • And we swam with sharks !

See the Video at Youtube/mayanrental

Shark Feeding –  Not Politically Correct But…

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Feeding fish, much less sharks is not cool.  Unless you are there.  Then it is an experience, a very cool experience.  Black tip reef sharks,  Rays , Fish of all varieties were swimming around us on all sides. After an hour with the sharks we headed out to a motu (small island) and I got in my last hour of snorkeling for a while. Lots of fish,  rays and an impressive current to fight.

We still can’t fathom that we are on the other side of the earth with scenery that looks like something out of a fantasy movie.  We were the only ones coming back early, so we got a personal speed boat tour of the lagoon on the north side of Moorea, with waves crashing on the coral barrier 7to our left.   Past the kite surfers,  the Fenua Mataioa where we spent our first two days, past Oponuhonu Bay where the remake of Mutiny on the Bounty was shot and back to ….. our transportation out of Paradise.  🙁

We had an uneventful trip to the ferry,  trip across to the Island of Tahiti and on to our hotel for about a 12 hour stay.   Hard to imagine going to bed before 10 on New Years Eve, but it is on to New Zealand at Oh Dark Early tomorrow


Sunset Moorea Lagoon Hilton

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