Moorea day 3 – Sunshine!

The sun came out today as we moved from our very cool cabana in the jungle to an over-the-water bungalow.  We couldn’t be in French Polynesia with trying out this experience, could we?  We will be butterfly-fish-mooreaat the Moorea Lagoon Hilton for two nights.  When we checked out of Fenua, we discovered (actually we should have known) that you don’t get personal care and service without a substantial cost.  But I still can’t get over the cost of things in French Polynesia !!  I am embarrassed to even write how much we paid for a continental breakfast , much less  a shrimp curry dinner with dessert.  I will say that the breakfast was pretty fabulous with loads of fresh fruit, fabulous fresh French pastries,  cheese ham,  yogurt etc., but seriously….

Ok, enough of that.   Staying in a bungalow perched over a turquoise lagoon is almost as good as you would imagine.  After we checked in some one knocked on the door and delivered a complimentary bottle of champagne. This just keeps getting better.  BEFORE we drank any champagne, I had to try DSCN0145out snorkeling right off my personal deck.  Linda and I had kayaked around a little so I didn’t expect much. Wrong.   The coral is just ok, but there was a large variety of tropical fish.  Visibility was abut 60 feet!   I have snorkeled places that were better, but NEVER with the fabulous backdrop of Moorea’s mountains and right off my own hotel room.   The tide must have been coming in because it was heavy paddling to get out toward the breaking waves, but when I turned around to come back,  it was like flying !!

One bad thing is that they have free use of stand up paddle boards, so I will have to face the monster that embarrassed me so badly in Mexico last February.  Results in the next post.

This afternoon we lunched on mangoes, bananas and almonds we picked up at a market.  At least we are making some feeble attempt to not go bankrupt.  We gotta get out of here soon, or else re-


View through the floor

mortgage the house.

Final note for the day  Ate over the water restaurant,  sharks swimming around and crepes with chicken and fabulous indian spice cream sauce.

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