Moorea Fenua Mata i oa

Fenua Mataioa is our hotel for the first two nights on the island of Moorea. Since it is raining, I have time to describe things in a bit more detail. After 30 hours or so of travelling, (layover in Chicago and 8 hours in fenua mataioa welcomeLAX) we arrived in Tahiti and took a 30 minute ferry ride to Moorea.  I said hotel, but really it is a collection of little cabanas set in a luxuriant green planned jungle, full of flowers, vines and trees. We were greeted with the classic kiss on both cheeks by our hostess, Eileen, who’s first language is French. She speaks just enough English  to make you feel at home, but also remind you that you are in an exotic place. Next you sit looking out at the spectacular scenery, sipping your complimentary welcome cocktail and eyeing the dubious weather.

beautiful moorea with rain









Eclectic Exotic Accommodation

The room is equally exotic, eclectically decorated with artand curios from around the world with a distinctive Tahitian flair. Beautiful bathroom with walk in shower, inviting bed, even modern air conditioning. However, don’t be fooled into drinking the water out of the tap. We took our first dinner right at the resort. Mahi Mahi fenua mataioa suitein vanilla sauce. Our table inan intimate setting with tropical flowers spread everywhere. By the time Eileen presented her decadent dense chocoalate cake loaded with ganache and garnished with mixed berries, Linda had to poke me every few minutes to rouse me from my jetlagged stupor. This is day two and it is still raining, 3 hours of sunshine this morning, hoping for more tomorrow. Could not be a better place to be stranded in the rain.

I really should emphasize the personal,  thoughtful treatment we are receiving.  Flowers  petals on the bed,  Coffee to order upon arising,  every little comfort thought of.  You should come here and stay, but 2 nights is definitely not enough !!


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