Moorea- God has created a fabulous world !!

Today was what I would call a perfect vacation day full of the glory of God’s CreationDSCN0221.  It started with a  buffet breakfast and the requisite custom omelet.

Paddle Board

Next, I faced my fears and took out a stand up paddle board.   The lagoon on the leeward side of the bungalows is protected from the wind, so the water was relatively flat.   Booyah.  My self-respect has been mostly restored.  Only a couple of unceremonious trips to into the salt water during a trip around the lagoon.   Crystal clear turquoise water,  coral (which I successfully avoided falling on) and emerald green mountain backdrop.  Wow.


After a little relaxing and recovering we were off snorkeling.   Linda’s mask was leaking and the snorkel from bungalowcurrent was pretty intense, so she had to bail on me.   I paddled against the current for as long as I had energy, shooting pictures of everything that moved.  Then I just stopped fighting the current and was floated right back to my bungalow.  The variety of coral and incredible fish always leaves me in awe of what God has done.  COMPLETE PHOTO GALLERY COMING SOON



Tropical Fruit and ATV “Adventure”

After another rest period on the deck (including lunch of the Mangos, Pineapple, and  tiny bananas we bought at the market , that saved us a fortune)  we were off on an ATV tour to the island interior.  We normally would have done a couple hikes instead, but at 85 to90 degrees and high humidity, we decided to take the touristy way out.   And touristy it was.   However , it took us into the center of the enormous volcano that formed the stunning mountains of Moorea.    This one of the DSCN0288most beautiful places we have seen.  It has been dormant for hundreds of years and is now home to pineapple plantations due to the incredibly rich dirt.  Up to a lookout over the two main bays and back to the hotel.

Another Delicious Dinner

After a shower, took a free shuttle to a well known restaurant called Rudy’s.   The French can certainly create sauces that think you are in heaven.   I tried the raw tuna in coconut milk.  It is like ceviche only better.   Still amazed that I like ceviche.  Having had nothing but fish, I went for a steak for an entree.  Linda went with French (of course) onion soup and shrimp curry.  Always fabulous here.  We have had to stop getting dessert.

Gone tomorrow.  Bummer.

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