Christchurch Bed and Breakfast – Featherstone

If you don’t have 3 or 4 weeks to see New Zealand, you might want to consider flying to Christchurch from Auckland and maybe even on to Queenstown. We stayed in the Christchurch airport motel, on arrival because we could only get the last flight of the day that arrived at 10 PM. That was a pretty nice facility ,but if you can get there just a little earlier in the day, you might prefer a more homey bed and breakfast setting.

Featherstone Bed and Breakfast

One place we can highly recommend is the Featherstone bed and breakfast run by Sally. We stayed there on the way to the airport and ultimately back to the U.S. So we can compare it to multiple other bed and breakfasts. It is about 20 or 25 minutes from the airport on the southwest side of the city. It has a beautiful setting at the top of a hill . The hostess , Sally fulfills the most important feature of a b and b. She seems genuinely glad to have you come. Sally is also obviously an avid gardener and otherwise multi talented person. The gardens are fabulous and when we arrived she was working on a screen print. And there is a harpsichord in an alcove ! Onepleasant non-surprise is that looking at her website, the pictures are an exact representation of what you will see when you check in. A comfortable , down to earth place. The bathrooms are not ensuite and the facilities are also a bit older and have their share of character, but are very clean and functional. And if you are staying a bed and breakfast, character is what you are after . Sally’s prices are extemely reasonable, especially compared to others in New Zealand. The usual New Zealand B and B is ready whenever you arrange it . Starting with granola, yogurt and fruit, followed by an omelette ( at least on the day we were there).

Sally keeps a handy 2 ring notebook with information about the facilities , the wifi etc . the book includes nearby restaurants information. We opted for the Indian restaurant she recommended. It was less than 10 minutes away and have very good food. Impressive because it included both Northern and Southern Indian dishes. If you like to order 2 or 3 chutneys like we do , they were very expensive. However, they came in a huge quantity and we wonder if you couldn’t ask for a half portion. FYI, the mint chutney was a little thin on the mint and was more like a second raita. The mango chutney was excellent.


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