East Coast – Vermont / New Hampshire

Farewell to Maine

We made a 3 hour or so trip from Bangor into New Hampshire.   This part of main looks like the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Translation:  not very exciting and economically beer glass and lindastruggling.   We did manage to find a reasonable brewery and I had a very respectable fish chowder as  farewell to Maine.   If you look closely, you can see Linda through the beer class.   Artsy photography !!  

White Mountains National Park

We met up with old friends from Minneapolis days (40 years ago !!), Mark and Karen Aubel  and we spent the rest of the day hiking up to some nice water falls.  there were 3 cascades and it was fun rock hopping to get to the top two (see photos below)  We found a fun restaurant that advertised food from around the world.   They actually delivered !! creative food from all over and they wisely skipped English and German food.    The highest mountain is Mount Washington and it has a road to the top , but the visibility was reported as 1/8 of a mile so we decided to skip it and  try again the next morning.

Well…… the next morning the visibilty was the same, and the cost was $70 for the 4 of us, so we skipped it and headed to Vermont.

white mountain waterfall


You read about all the quaint villages in Vermont.  Kind of like all the quaint villages along Lake Michigan. Not THAT exciting.  Probably the most interesting is Woodstock (no , not THAT Woodstock) and it was a very nice town.  We hiked into queechee gorge and drove up Mount Ascutney and hiked to the summit.   More rock hopping that left Linda’s back in bad shape for a day or two.   


Well… it was great to reconnect with Mark and Karen.  And the hikes were nice.  In the end, not sure it was worth all the driving if we hadn’t wanted to see friends.  scroll down for a couple more photos.  This is the end of our NorthEast 2018 Saga.  PS, we think Mark intentionally hid his face in this photo   🙂

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