NorthEast Trip 2018 Part 2

Following the Advice of Locals

Remember the people we met at the Palace Diner in Blog Post Part 1 of this trip?   So we headed north on the expressway on our way to Highway One.  Following their advice.  we  skipped Brunswick first exit and avoided a traffic bottleneck.  We also missed the Navy base and some cool destroyers, so it was plus and a minus.  

Booths Bay Harbor

booth bay harborOnce on highway #1 we had to choose which of the peninsulas to explore.    We drove right past the 100 people in line at Red’s Eats lobster shack , just as our friends at the diner suggested.   Right across the bridge we headed out to Booths Bay Harbor.  It turns out these peninsulas don’t make it easy to get to the shore.   Booths Bay has some restuarants, shops and fishing boats.   The only thing that really was outstanding was the ice cream shop.   I never had licorice ice cream, but this was fabulous and creamy, the way ice cream was meant to be.   

We really needed some natural shoreline, so we headed back south a bit on the peninsula to the Hendricks Head Reserve.  Unfortunately,port clyde light house there was a beach, but the rocks were covered with some of the smelliest seaweed ever.  We moved on quickly.

Port Clyde

Heading further north we aimed for Port Clyde as we had been instructed.    This was less touristy and had more character.  Still not good access to the shoreline, until we found the cool lighthouse on the north side of the peninsula tip that was currently bathed in fog.  It came complete with a beautiful woman to pose on the walkway.  That’s my wife Linda in case you missed it. 

But What About Lobster?

All this is well and good.   But you are thinking “what about Lobster?”  “Did you get any good Lobster?”  

I’m glad you asked! 

This question is so important we have given it, it’s own post.  Where to Get Great Lobster in Maine.

But to wrap this post up,   we should tell you that exploring peninsulas , eating ice cream and lobster, meant we took 10 hours to make what should have been a 2 hour drive from Kennebunkport to our friend’s Bob and Cathy in Bangor.  


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