Where To Find Great Lobster in Maine

Two Places to Find Great Lobster in Maine

The key to finding great lobster is to talk to locals who love lobster.  We had fantastic lobster for a great price in two places.  The first one was guided by the people we met at the Palace Diner.  The second place was the combination of our friends Bob and Cathy and Google assistant.  Ready?   Let’s go.

McLoon’s Lobster Shack

mcloons lobster

This place is a bit out of the way.  It is on the same peninsula as Port Clyde, but is over a bridge on a small island.  This was the place the folks a Palace Diner told us about.   We have decided that the usual hot dog bun of a lobster roll is not for us.   Some places  do texas toast, but went for the whole lobster at McLoons.  This is a classic lobster shack .  It has a little shack and the eating occurs on picnic tables outdoors.  The shack sits right next to the ocean and the lobster is perfection. Of

‘course it would not be perfection if it was not dripping in drawn butter . 

LInda did not want an entire lobster, so she got crab cakes.  I have had crab cakes in Maryland and did not love them much.  But Maine style crab cakes are different and they are ….. fantastic.  

Blackberry Pie

 This year for the first time they added an additional Sweat shack with homemade pies.  

Beal’s Lobster Pier

The second place we found was under the dubious direction of Bob and Cathy.  They said they found this place right on a pier, it was in 2 pound lobsterNortheast Harbor,   or was it Southwest Harbor?   Google Assistant to the rescue and we found Beal’s Lobster Pier in Southwest Harbor on the Mount Desert Island near Acadia National Park.   It seems like you have to drive to out of the way places to get great lobster.  

 When we got there, Bob almost gave up and turned around because it looked like a warehouse district.  Beals sits right on the pier. They say they have been there since 1932.   The lobster comes right out of traps at the end of the pier to the tank where you pick yours out.

How Much Lobster Can You Eat?  

The first lobster I was offered was 3 pounds.   at $15 plus per pound, I downsized to a mere 2 1/4 pound dude with monster claws.  

Bob made up for his questionable navigation, by teaching me a professional lobster eaters trick. After you break the entire tail off, you pull the middle fan out from the end of the tail.   Then you slip your middle finger underneath the tail meat, with the back of your finger against the shell.  You can now push the entire tail meat out in a single stroke.  Once again this is lobster at it’s very finest.  

beals lobster pie

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