Olympic Peninsula Day Two – Kalaloch

This morning we opted for the lodge dining room. Good choice.  Linda and I shared a 3 egg omelet, with a variety of tasty ingredients and an order of French toast, with sauteed bananas, mascarpone cheese and blackberry compote. Dessert for breakfast !! All this accompanied by very strong Starbucks coffee ( we are near Seattle after all). Great way to start our day !


While it was still cool, we rented a canoe and paddled down the “looking glass smooth” lake . I spotted something moving in an open space at the end of the lake closest to the mountains. Maybe elk, maybe even bear!! We carefully paddled up to them. Yup…… they were…… cows. Bummer. We paddled back, and reached the lodge just as the sun was really heating things up.


Time to head off to our next nights stop at Kalaloch lodge. Despite it’s spelling, locals pronounce it Clay-lock. This was only a half hour or 45 minute drive to the ocean. And in that time the temperature changed from 91 degrees to … 59 degrees!! And lots of fog. Surreal is the only word that works.
After dropping our stuff in the cabin, we headed up the coast just a few miles and went for a beach walk. We found some rock formations with tide pools. Lots of colorful starfish and other entertaining marine life. None of the iconic sea stacks of this area on this beach. Apparently they are one the north edge of the peninsula (we are on the west edge). The beach and dunes actually looks a lot like the our native eastern shore of Lake Michigan (in West Michigan). The fog came and went letting us take in the beauty of the shoreline alternating with mystical feel of the enveloping fog.
Not a lot of options in the neighborhood, so we hit the Lodge dining room for dinner. Food here was … competent. The fog rolled in again spoiling the view from the expansive windows looking out over the river running into the ocean.

Our cabin is quite nice and sits right on the bluff overlooking the ocean. We really needed another day to explore this area.

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