Smoky Mountains Day Five (wrap up)

Coffee on the Road

Not much to say about a 11 hour drive home. Just a few fun items to finish up. For coffee snobs like ourselves, you will be happy to hear there are Starbucks off 75 in Knoxville and also as you go north. Didn’t see any in Ohio, but I may have missed them. I don’t hold up Starbucks as the best coffee, it is just that compared to other off highway options, they are the only viable one.

Droid Navigation Failure

On the way home, we went straight north out of Sevierville on 66 to 40 and then on to 640 in Knoxville to 75. This was MUCH nicer than the way the droid / google navigation brought us in going all the way on stop and go 441 from Knoxviille.

The Wallet Adventure

I didn’t talk about this in the Day Three post, but during a gas and ice cream run, we had a little adventure. I got gas and then when I got out of the car at the grocery store, Linda asked if I had my wallet. Of course, I said, I just got gas….. oops where is it? We rapidly returned to the gas station and it was not to be found. After discussion with the attendant, I realized I had left it on the trunk. Linda drove and I walked to the Grocery store. No wallet in the street. As I was asking in the grocery store, a nice lady said in her Tennessee accent “Your not from around hear are you?” . “No” I smiled. You might want to try the police station right across the street. Without anything to lose, off we trot to the police station. I walk in and ask if a wallet has been turned in in the past 10 minutes. He asked my name and handed me my wallet. Everything was still in it except the $40 or $50 cash. I was fine with that. Whew !!!

Two Hour Rule

Let me just finish by saying we strictly followed the two hours on, two hours off driving and it made the drive MUCH more tolerable and less tiring.

Gas Prices

The gas prices go steadily down as you head south from Michigan to Tennessee. A total of 50 cents difference.

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