Oregon Coast

We landed in Portland on a Sunday afternoon and headed to the legendary Oregon coast.  We couldn’t quite force ourselves to spend the megabucks to stay right on the ocean, but we had a nice place in the town of Cannon Beach that was a two block walk to the beach.  Not much time for anything other than “yup, there’s the ocean” and off to dinner. No energy for the sunset tonight.

You can see all our photos of seattle and the coast 

Haystack Rock

One of the classic things to do here is to explore the tidal pools.  Low tide was around 9AM, so we were out there john linda haystack rock oregonchecking out the starfish and anemones first thing.  We are both in the photo thanks to photoshop.



North of Cannon Beach

Next we  headed north.  The  first site of interest was Ecola State Park, with ostensibly the most beautiful lookout point on the coast.  Don’t know if that’s true, but it is a pretty spectacular view!!  We hiked an hour or so along the bluffs.  After soaking in views for a

ecola state park view

ecola state park view

while , we reluctantly jumped back in the car and headed up the coast.  Didn’t see anything to make us stop until we got to the historical town of Astoria.  Right on the giant mouth of mighty Columbia river,






Astoria was the first settlement west of the Mississippi.    We had lunch in the Buoy Beer Company, a brewery right on the water with fabulous views.


We went there because they make Rachel’s favorite IPA and it did not disappoint.  We were on the brink of leaving when we asked what the interesting looking dish that everyone around us was ordering.  Turned out to be deep fried Willapa Bay oysters.  They come on a spoon and when our waitress heard we were from out of state, she insisted pwapala bay oysterswe had to try them.  They come on a spoon, breaded with jalapeno jelly and little ball goat cheese on top.  Needless to say I knocked my goat cheese off and gave it to Linda.  Well…. now we’ve had oysters.  At least they weren’t fishy.   They melt in your mouth.  Good thing they had seasoned breading and jalapeno jelly,  cuz they have no flavor of their own.

Wound our way back south to Cannon Beach and did some of the obligatory shopping with Linda.   Stumbled across Cannon Beach Distillery who had the most amazing blue agave liquor that is processed differently than tequila and aged in small oak barrels.  Might be one of my favorite liquors ever.

Dinner was …. Unremarkable.

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