Adventure light – Sol Caribe part 2

March 15, 2009

Sol Caribe is on the left, only 8 miles or so before you would get to Punta Allen. It is a neatly kept little resort consisting of the owners house, a small open air restaurant, and 4 or 5 small Cabanas with thatch roofs. Each Cabana accommodates 3 to 6 people. If you have a small group, you could easily reserve the entire resort!

The resort sits on the edge of a spectacular, empty beach (this is the beach on he Random travel Home page)

Full disclosure requires that we let you know that the beach has a lot of trash above the high water mark all along the peninsula. We suspect this is the result of cruise ships dumping their trash. Fortunately, Mike, the owner, keeps the beach clean and manicured for a ways in both directions. it is easy to walk the beach for miles and ignore the stuff, because it is washed well away from the waters edge.

This is kind of place where the busy-ness of life soaks out of you a little more every day. Better take some good books. There is sparse electricity and no TV. Mike does have XM radio in the restaurant. Usually on “The Loft”

There are several hammocks and I have personally tested them and pronounce them perfect.

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