City Built Brewing

City Built Brewery has been on Munroe Avenue north of the 6th street bridge for over a year.  We just tried it this weekend as an alternative to the SpeakEasy that had too much construction and other crazy stuff going on to get to.  

Owners have a sense of humor.   there is a sign that says “please patiently wait for the hostess to seat you, they are currently doing other “host stuff”.   There are comfortable chairs up front for just drinks, there are booths and European style picnic tables.  It has a very contemporary industrial feel.  

The staff all are friendly and non-pretentious.  It is definitely a young persons hangout , but they made us “middle age people” feel right at home and welcome.   Yes I said middle age.  You got a problem with that?  

This is a brewery, but the food is interesting.  It is pretty much Puerto Rican through and through.   Honestly ,  for my money tostones and mafongo, rice and beans are authentic, but a bit dull.  some of the tacos are pretty tasty.  We didn’t really eat a full meal so we will come back and add a better review of the food.   Please add your comments on specific menu items if you have eaten there.
This is where my biases come in.   We struggled to find beers we really loved.   There were a couple of light IPA’s that were OK.  There was a double IPA that tore your head off.    The only stout was on nitro.  I need carbonation.   they did have a bourbon barrel version that was lightly carbonated and ok.  They have a LOT of Belgian style beers.  Not now.  Not ever.  sorry.    they had one sour beer and it lives up to Grand Rapids reputation of not knowing how to make sour beers.  Honestly the best beer they have is a British Style ESB.   Too light , easy drinking but with a pleasant taste and some complexity.  

Prices are middle of the road.  4 oz samples of beer are only $2 or $3 depending on the tier.    

You can find them on the web at https://www.citybrewing .com/   
They are at 820 Munroe  ave NW, #155,  Grand Rapids MI 49503 click for directions

I think some people with love this place, we just don’t happen to be one of them  🙂

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