First there was Donkey Taqueria.  Then Luna,  Now there is MeXo  that opened spring of 2018.   I have done a lunch,   and interview dinner and tonight Linda and I were there and it happened to be restaurant week.  

There a fun bar (read :  it will often be noisy)   and a very contemporary decor.  You will need to probably use metered parking unless you come after 6.  They take reservations and you will probably need them.  

They have managed to hire an amazing staff.  You will feel totally welcomed. The staff is knowledgeable  about the food and drink and will find the answers for anything they don’t know.  

This is not Bland Rapids food. Lots of flavor, decent spice.  They advertise as Prehispanic modern Mexican food.  If you need more standard food, the Queso Fundido is a s good as Donkeys.   They fish tacos are standard.   But much more interestingly, they have a variety of Moles in various dishes.   They have ,  ceviches that are different than any I have very have.    In fact, we had more flavors I had never tasted  than I have had since the restaurant at the  Cirque du soleil in Riviera Maya !!   
We didn’t try it this time but hey had a dish featuring  cuitlacoche, which is a black corn fungus or corn smut.   Best to call it by it’s Mexican name.   It is an earthy mushroom like taste.   I like it, but then, I like earthy tastes.  
They have a variety of Mexican beers on tap.   They are generally no better than Bud and Miller.  Modelo is maybe the best.  They also have wines, but we focused on the variety of Mexican cocktails.  Various spins on Margaritas and Palomas, the ones we tried were….well….. fabulous.   They tend to put some spice in some of their drinks, so read carefully if you don’t want a tingle on your tongue.    They have a LOT of tequilas and mescals by the shot or 1/2 shot.   They provide a sangrita or a verdita  (our waitress brought both because she likes me, or possibly because she wanted a good tip).  Verdita has pineapple juice, lime juice, jalapenos, cilantro and mint.   it is delicious.   For some reason,  sangrita and or verdita give me heartburn almost instantly.   Which is interesting because I almost never get heartburn.  Maybe it is the mix of tequila or mescal and the jalapeno and the lime.  who knows.  Their sangria looks unique and fabulous, but we didn’t try it this trip.  
sad with small tear
This place is going to make a big jump in your credit card bill.  We can’t “too interesting to resist” appetizers are $10 to $15. , and the entrees are $20 to $26.   That can add up.   

You can find them on the web at   
They are at 118 Fulton SE , Grand Rapids, MI 49503  click for directions

This is the most unique and interesting restaurant we have found in Grand Rapids for a while.   Too bad it is too pricey to visit often.  

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