Stellas – Best Burger?

We have been hearing about best burgers in Grand Rapids or even in West Michigan at Stellas for over a year now.  We finally got a chance to get downtown fairly early on a week night and decided to check it out for ourselves.

10857802_10152592575027695_5211088912464683245_nEven though we were early,we still had a 20 minute wait, but rather than stand around, we managed to squeeze four of us onto a couple of bar stools.  We are past the age wher we enjoy standing around for indefinite periods. Once seated, our very pleasant and attentive waitress was part of the Stella’s ambience, with one side of her head buzzed and other beautiful black curls and the the requisite ring in the nose.

The menu is a case study in the eclectic and unusual.  Some of it works and some of it doesn’t.  So the Chili cheese fries are pretty good.  The spicy pickled veggies served in a canning jar are fabulous.  The burgers?  Well I guess if you like slightly mushy meatloaf, masquerading as a burger, (and apparently hoards of young people do)  then they add some good things like blue cheese.  Still,  I am NOT impressed and don’t rate the Stella’s burger  anywhere near the top of any scale  Maybe it’s because I really don’t like meatloaf..

The desserts are clever and the night we were there were not very good.  Overall, a busy, noisy, youthful fun place.  Worth at least one visit.

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