Cascade Roadhouse

The Cascade Roadhouse is a landmark institution. We recently stopped in for dinner.

It is on Cascade road right at the east end of 28th Street right where it dead ends into Cascade.

It has the feeling of an old comfortable pair of slippers. Low lighting and casual décor.

Difficult to evaluate friendliness. They seemed to be short staffed and the waitress was hurried and seemed a bit gruff. To support this theory, it took abut 50 minutes to get our meal! We started imagine someone out back chasing the poor cow around the field out back !!

I was eating light, so I ordered a small plate of blackened prime rib strips and a greek salad. The prime rib was pretty flavorful and good. The greek salad on the hand was limp vegetables and artichokes on top of iceberg lettuce and feta cheese. Not wonderful. My wife got a chicken sandwich on herb foccacia with herb aioli. Sounds dull to me, but she claims it was quite good. I stole some of her steak fries and they were very good. One of my quirks is that I don’t like the trend toward seasoned fries, and these were good old fashioned large steak fries. Buddy Mike ordered the Kobe 1/2 pound burger. Also pretty good.

Sorry to say, I didn’t pay much attention to this. My ice water with lemon was fine 🙂


I came away pretty underwhelmed. Maybe we just chose poorly. Food is fine,but this is definitely not a flavor find In West Michigan. Don’t get the Greek salad.

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June 5, 2016 2:39 am

Thanks for finally talking about >Cascade Roadhouse | West Michigan Restaurant Reviews <Loved it!

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