Flat River Grill

We were on are way back from a long weekend in the Smokies and stopped in Lowell for dinner. We were tired and hungry, so this review might be just a little biased in a positive way. We have visited the Flat River many times. It is one of the Gilmore collection. Nothing radical here, but as with most Gilmores it is , steady, reliable good food

Right on the main drag in Lowell where the bridge crosses the river. 201 E Main St., Lowell, MI 49331 Phone: (616) 897-8523 One annoying thing about the website is that you have to hunt through www.thegilmorecollection.com to find what you want. I would prefer a separate website for each restaurant.

It has attractive, dimly lit décor. There is a nice patio looking out over the river, but it does face west, so the sun can be an issue (on the rare Michigan sunny day). Thursday nights in the summer, Lowell has live music and with some very good bands just along the riverwalk from the Grill.

Always friendly, small town feel. The clientele also seems relaxed and friendly to match the staff.


As I said, solid Gilmore style food. They are adding some trendy antoxidant stuff to the menu, but I really think that stuff is just a fad. In the past , they had a lemon chicken on the menu in the past and it is fabulous. If you happen to be there when it resurfaces, grab it.

Flavor Find

On the night we were there, they had a salad special and it was FABULOUS. As best I can remember, it was greens, wth figs, jicama, dried cherries, slivers of almonds . I don’t remember if I it came with grilled chicken or if I added it, but topped with a balasamic dressing to offset the little bit of sweetness, this was the best salad I have had in a very long time. My wife ordered a barbecue pizza. It was not sweet like a typical version, but she said it was quite good. Thinking back, we have never had a bad meal at Flat River Grill.

They have a nice variety of good beers on tap and in the bottle. They do some fun mixed drinks, we haven’t tried many of them. Will add on a comment if we do. We don’t typically drink wine here, unless we get there in time for the Gilmore Happy Hour.

Prices are not cheap, but very middle of the road.  Entrees run $12 to $22.

This is a very solid, sometimes creative place to eat. Going to Lowell offers a chance to get out of town for a very nice meal. It very nearly makes the 4 star level.

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