Cinco de Mayo

A Mexican restaurant in Rockford? We were pretty skeptical. But hey, our favorite Thai restaurant , Bangkok Taste is in Jenison we (reviewed the sister restaurant downtown). So why not.

It has a warm décor with touristy Mexico décor. The chairs backs are decorated with bright colorful, 3 dimensional mexican designs. It feels open and festive.

Generally friendly. Nothing notable. I think our waiter is not 100% fluent in English, making him a little stiff. Call me racist, but I definitely do feel more confident in a Mexican restaurant that has , well, Mexican’s working there. Even better if there are Mexican’s eating there, but hey, this is Rockford.

Big pleasant surprise. The menu is extensive and interesting. I ordered the fajitas locas, which has shrimp, pork, chorizo, onions, mushrooms and probably one or two things more I can’t remember. These were cooked almost to burned , on the usual very hot metal plate, just enough to give it an intense smoky taste. The tortiallas weren’t homemade, but his was very good tasty dish. I don’t remember guacamole and we didn’t try any. Next time. Refried beans are bit too authentic (read: not a lot of flavor) Buddy Mike got two chicken enchiladas and a chicken taco in a corn shell. This is basically combo #4, but he didn’t want the beans and rice and it is actually a fair bit cheaper ordered a la carte. Wife Linda ordered here favorite, chicken enchiladas verde. You will look less Gringo if you pronounce it (Bare-day). It is a green salsa made with tomatillos. All meals were solid , quality food. The requisite taco chips and salsa were also pretty good. A bit more cilantro in the salsa would be welcome.

I’m pretty sure the margaritas are made with a mix, but it must be a good mix because they still pretty good. The day we were there Sangria Margaritas were on special, that they dispensed out of a tap, but again, they were pretty good ! Sorry to say I didn’t pay attention to other drink options, but will add comments in the near future , since we will be visting again soon. It is only 10 minutes from our house.

Right downtown Rockford a couple doors down from the Grill 111. It is at 123 Courtland St. NE, Rockford, MI. Phone: 866-3438

Right downtown Rockford a couple doors down from the Grill 111. It is at 123 Courtland St. NE, Rockford, MI. Phone: 866-3438

This is solid Mexican food. If they had a Mole dish or two or something with a more unique touch, they might have made 4 stars. Definitely worth a visit. Leave your comments below.


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