Well , it finally happened. I was beginning to worry we were too picky and would never find a 5 star Jameson rating restaurant. Wrong !! Here it is, read on.

Located in what we call Funkytown district, this restaurant replaced the ill fated Corez wine bar , it is run by the same folks that brought us the Green Well and Bistro Bella Vita. In fact it is right across the street from the Green Well
Phone: 616.454.1000 Address: 919 Cherry Street S.E Grand Rapids MI 49506.  Website is

I would call it classy casual.  The wait staff are friendly, non-pretentious (important to me) and extremely knowledgable and helpful.

We have been there twice and everything was fabulous. Really.

We have been really trying not to order appetizers, since they are generally packed with calories and our waistlines can’t take much more. However, some of these sounded too interesting to resist. The Bahn Mi was a risk. It had Banh Mi crispy pork belly and shrimp on a base of bread, and pickled shallots, cucumbers, poblano peppers, siracha aioli, carrots and cilantro. Wow !!! Then there was the Crispy Knefla which is like tiny gnochis, made with butternut squash, brown butter, hazelnuts, fried Brussels sprouts, mushroom, Wisconsin blue cheese. Double wow!! flavorfind award

In summary of appetizers: Get ’em, Share ’em
Main courses are just as good as the appetizers. After the appetizers, I was feeling adventuresome, so I ordered the Spicy Kimchi stew (which is a standard on the ever changing menu). It is made with ocal chicken, pork belly, spicy cabbage, slow cooked egg, peppers, brown rice, cilantro, and dashi broth (whatever that is). OK, this is turning into something the size of “War and Peace” so I’ll just say it was also…. fabulous as was everything everyone else had.
The desserts are creative and sound good. However the Salted Dark Chocolate Fudge with candied walnuts, vanilla malt gelato, caramelized brioche, bourbon brown might just be the best dessert I have ever had.

flavorfind award

Incredible wine list. Beers you haven’t heard of ,but the ones we tried were great (sorry,  didn’t write them down)

You didn’t think something this good would come cheap, did you?  We spent about $100 for the two of us and you could spend more easily.

I am sick of my own superlatives.
Enough !!
Save up your pennies and go try it. Reservations required and you need to call early. There is first come , first serve seating in the bar and they serve the full menu if you are reading this and want to run right down there.

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